At PureFresh we care for each piece of produce from seed to sale. Our family owned company has grown peaches, plums, raisins, and table grapes in the fertile Central Valley since the 1970’s. What started as a family farm has since grown into a family of integrated companies including PureFarms,  PureTrans Logistics, and PureFresh Sales based in sunny Selma California. Our vertical integration allows us to consistently provide the highest quality produce at the best price while ensuring responsible land stewardship, sustainability in our local community, and opportunities for our fellow farmers.

Our fields and orchards offer a rainbow of delicious, nutrient rich produce and our partnerships with farmers around the globe guarantee you will enjoy the finest produce year round. PureFresh products are always purchased in season and never sit warehoused in cold storage. Every piece of produce is picked, packed, and delivered daily to ensure superior freshness in every bite.

Our commitment to quality provides you with produce of the perfect size, color, and flavor to make your next meal a masterpiece. Our innovative packaging makes healthy snacking convenient so you and your family can make smart food choices even on the go!

Choose PureFresh, where nutrition is always in season. PureFresh products are available in the produce aisle of your local grocery store.